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Assistive Technology Training; Is it Worth My Time & Money?

Posted in Delivering Access

We received so many great questions and feedback from you guys this week!

Rhonda wrote in and asked:

“I was looking into taking the ten month training offered by

It covers Jaws, NVDA, Windows 10, Word, and other Office products. It is not however accredited by any type of certification.

I recall you mentioning you did work for the state of Georgia, do you have some sort of degree in Vocational Rehabilitation or another type of certification?

I’d like to take these classes, but they are expensive and if it wouldn’t do me any good as far as working Is concerned, I don’t see a point in putting forth the effort and cost.

What do you think?”

In today’s video, we’re going to address how to know which courses and programs are worth investing your time and money in.

Watch now.

Side note: Mac 101: The Foundations is a good start for anyone!

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