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Broadcast 1 of 4: An Easy, high paying career you never knew existed!

Posted in Delivering Access

Tuesday December 3rd at 7PM ET we’ll be broadcasting live…
The discussion is sure to be funny and riveting as we help hundreds of people across the world
discover a career in helping others.
The gig pays anywhere from $16 to $25 per hour 
and all you have to do is play match maker.
You’ve heard of that game that your friend, nosey sister and maybe even your mother has played with you or someone you know. 
Attempting to hook you up with a husband, wife, partner, etc.
They say things like you and (INSERT NAME HERE) should maybe go out on a date…
They think this person would be perfect for you.
Well, this high paying opportunity is almost like that, but also different.
Join myself, Nasreen 
Aaron Lingson from The Sourcing Foundation next week as we bring to you a chance to play match maker and get paid doing it.
In this 1st of a 4 part series, we will be going over employment for those of us living with a disability while removing the barriors to getting paid!
Look out for our updates on the December 3rd event and have a great Thanksgiving!
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