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Adventures In Dallas

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This year my colleague and dear friend Marcy Weinberg and I attended our first American Council of the Blind (ACB) convention in Dallas, Texas and oh, what an experience it was. We learned a great deal, met some wonderful people and had a little bit of fun as well.

Our adventure began when we landed in Dallas at the Dallas/Fort Worth airport. We were met by two very nice individuals who helped Marcy and I navigate through the airport so that we could get to the shuttle bus that would take us to the hotel. On the way out of the airport, my dog Jadyn, and I were nearly startled to death because a woman had entered the airport with a small dog in her arms that barked and growled at my guide dog. Oh how fun.

We made it to the shuttle unscaved and met some very nice people that were also headed to the convention. It was a nice break from the hustle and bustle of flying and gave me a chance to take a deep breath and relax just a little bit.

Once arriving at the Sheraton, Marcy and I figured that all would be fine. We would easily find our room, unpack, take the dogs out to park, get a bite to eat and then call it a night. Wrong!

The front desk was besieged by a bunch of blind and visually impaired individuals who apparently had the same idea that Marcy and I had and therefore due to the chaos, I gave the incorrect credit card which had to be changed the very next day. The bell hop who helped us with our luggage took us to the wrong room and I’m not even going to mention the frustration of deciphering which side of the Braille label on the elevator was the correct button to push for the floor you needed to go to!

Long story short, Marcy and I did manage,with a great deal of help, to find a place for our dogs to “park”, get a bite to eat at the hotel sports bar because it was the only place open and still serving food at the time, and we also managed to get on the correct elevator, reach the correct floor and enter the correct room where we immediately put our jammies on and crawled into bed.

We would definitely need our beauty rest because the adventure was actually just getting started and we really had no earthly idea what was in store for us.

Don’t fret. There’s more “ACB Adventures in Dallas,” coming your way. Just visit my Fedora page to read more about what Marcy and I were up to during this year’s ACB Convention.

Blink S1E2 (The Passion)

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What’s your passion in life? This is the second question in my interview.

I ask this question because I want to know what drives them everyday.

I love technology and it shows in just about anything that I do.

What are our realist say about their passions simply astounds me every time I hear them speak about them.

Fedora can train for skill, but passion is something each associate brings with them.

Listen to the second episode in the Blink reality show and share your passion in the comment section below.


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I’ve taken over 300 rides with Uber over the last year and I must say I love riding with them with a passion!

I’m blind and Uber was the answer to my dreams for transportation, both convenient and affordable.

I wish I would have thought of the genius concept the Uber founders came up with. Me being a tech head and all…the ability to scale a billion dollar business from GPS and a iPhone.

Simply astounding!

Nevertheless here’s some of the main reasons why Uber is a huge part of my life.…

Uber provides accessible receipts and you can even tag them for business expenses..

This works perfect for me and our accountant.

I no longer have to wait ours for transportation. I wait minutes…often times less than 6.

Uber’s customer service is second to none. They’ve answered e-mails in less than 30 minutes.

They didn’t just give me an auto response, they actually solved the problem in the first e-mail. Everything from correcting fairs and processing refunds was handled with excellence.

I want my company to operate with that type of excellence as well.

So add in the friendly drivers, the fact you can rate them, there is no cash exchange, they use PayPal, Apple Pay and credit/debit cards, their app is accessible, you can split the fair , etc.

I must say @uber…Thanks for changing the world!!!

You can now use the code uberblind (all one word) and get a free ride.
Uber is in several US states and a multitude of countries, so sign up using the code uberblind and take a ride on us.

Get the app

Enter the promo code uberblind and we’re off.

You can call a Uber car from your Apple Watch as well. A few taps and you are on your way…OK, I’m gone now my Uber driver Drew in a Lincoln Town car, license plate #skhdo12 , will be here in 1 minute.

Next on the Uber Update is: Spotify @uber

I just wanted to tell you that the ACB rocks and thank you

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Brie and Marcy have never ever been to a national convention in their life. They were scared to death to say the least.

Remember your first time at nationals? Wasn’t it scary?

Now you take it from being their first national convention with thousands of blind individuals to having to put on five sold out events.

Let’s recap…

1st time at a national convention

First time ever having to present together as a team

First time putting on five events in a short period of time

First time having to ask and answer so many questions from so
many people

First time without their husbands for so long

First time having to sell in front of so many people

First time ever being roommates

I for one am proud of them! They stepped out of their comfort zone and did multiple things for the first time in their life.

They will tell their stories on their respective blogs and keep you updated.

As always if you have any questions or comments you should click the leave a comment link below..

Marcy and Brie said they learned allot and they will be even more ready, even more better next year and they have you to thank for changing their life forever!

You guys rock!!

VaShaun Jones
Fedora Outlier LLC

Mac Master Series Quick Tip: A Game Of Hide And Seek With Your Mac’s Settings

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They say you can judge a plumber’s work by how far his pants sag in the back.

Here at the Mac Master Series headquarters, we say something very similar about Mac masters—they have tool belts that get so heavy, their pants have a little trouble resisting the ever-present forces of gravity.

Today, I wanted to share another app for you to add to that bulging belt of yours. The app is called Tinker Tool (opens in new window), and it allows you to quickly and easily adjust buried and hidden settings and preferences to better control your Mac. Did I mention it’s free?

Today’s Tweetable: Good plumbers and Mac masters have something in common—they’re both going to need better belts. Tweet this now

Snagging helpful hacks like Tinker Tool will get you on your way as a Mac master—but there’s something you can do to accelerate the process, and that’s to get your free weekly edition of the Mac Master Messenger.

But beware: We’ll send you tons and tons of tips, tricks and tidbits to make you a pro—and you know what we say about good plumbers and Mac masters, right? No, we can’t reimburse the price of a sturdier belt, but we do promise to keep the advice coming your way.

Just pop your details into the boxes below—and we’ll take care of everything else.

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Mac master Series Quick Tip: Finding Your Lost Mac Is Far Easier Than Finding A Needle In A Haystack

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Isn’t it terrific to have a Macbook Pro, or the even lighter Macbook Air? It’s portability at its finest.

With any of these ultra-small, ultra-portable computers you can relax in your favorite chair, and check your email, play games, surf the Internet, or do any number of tasks, wherever you want to be in the house, or even on the porch or in the yard, as long as there is wifi. It sure beats being tied to a desk or table to accomplish those things, wouldn’t you say?

But what if one day you put your computer down while you answer a phone call, or go off to do something else like check on dinner, fold the laundry, or walk the dog? You return to where you thought you put the Mac, but it’s not there. So you look around but can’t seem to find it.

Have no fear, Apple has put a feature in all of these Macs. It is called, appropriately, Find My Mac, and it can be set up in moments in System Preferences, under iCloud.

Today’s Tweetable: When your Mac goes missing, you’ll definitely want to take advantage of this. Tweet this now

Here’s how to setup Find My Mac in OS X

  1. Press VO-M to go to the Menu bar.
  2. The first selection is the Apple menu, arrow down to System Preferences and press Return.
  3. Tab once to General, then press the letter I for iCloud.
  4. Press the Spacebar on the iCloud button.
  5. Tab to the iCloud Services table, or press VO-Right Arrow to the Services group and interact, then navigate to the iCloud Services table if it is not in focus.
  6. Interact with this table with VO-Shift-Down Arrow.
  7. VO-Down Arrow to the Find My Mac checkbox.
  8. Press VO-Spacebar on the checkbox to place a checkmark in it.
  9. VO-Right Arrow to the Allow button and press VO-Spacebar on it.

Once you have done this, focus will return to the iCloud Services table, on the Find My Mac checkbox, which will be checked.

So, now that you have Find My Mac enabled, how do you locate your pricy little Apple gadget if it were to go AWOL? You have two options:

  • You can log into your iCloud account from any computer by visiting, where there is an option to find your Mac.
  • You can also download the Find My iPhone app on any iOS device, which will allow you to locate your Mac computers, as well.

Either option will give you the choice to locate the device on a map, as well as play a sound, display an onscreen message or erase all data and settings.

Find My Mac is a fab feature to help you protect your investment—and help you stay calm in the event it goes missing.

Like Apple, we’re all about giving you ways to help squeeze every ounce of goodness from your Mac computer—which is why we launched the Mac Master Series. Let us show you how to do just that—pop your details into the box below, and we’ll take care of everything else.

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Mac Master Series Quick Tip: CopyClip Takes Your OS X Clipboard To The Next Level

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Have you ever copied text to your clipboard—but forgot to paste it before copying more text? It happens.

The good news is that there is a solution to that very annoying issue. It is called Copy Clip, and is available for free, my very favorite price, in the Mac app store.

Once you install and open the application, it will appear as one of the icons in Menu Extras. Also, when the application is first launched, it contains a checkbox with the option to open upon start-up. Placing a checkmark in this box with VO-spacebar is a great idea, for then you won’t have to even think about opening the app when you need it. It has to be open in order to appear in Menu Extras, and to be used, so how much easier can it get? With the app constantly open, you’ll have no worries about copying text over already copied text and losing potentially important, valuable information.

The first thing that you should do is go to Copy Clip preferences:

  1. Go to Menu Extras.
  2. Navigate to Copy Clip with VO-right or left arrow.
  3. Press VO-spacebar to open it.
  4. Press the down arrow until you find the Preferences ellipsis.
  5. Press Return to go into the Copy Clip preferences.

Now, it’s time to make sure the preferences are set the way you want them to be:

  1. Navigate to the tool bar and interact with it.
  2. Press Vo-spacebar on the General button.
  3. Stop interacting with the tool bar, and press VO-right arrow to the first item.

General Preferences

  • Remember 80 cuttings – The number of cuttings is an edit field, in which you can delete the default number and fill in the number of cuttings, or items you paste to the clipboard, that you want to be saved in Copy Clip
  • Display 20 cuttings – the number of cuttings is also an edit field, in which you can delete the default number of cuttings that will be displayed when you go into Copy Clip in Menu Extras, and fill in the number of cuttings you want to view
  • Start Copy Clip at start-up checkbox – if you didn’t find this checkbox when you launched the app, it is here, and you can check it so Copy Clip opens when your computer starts up or wakes from sleep
  • Should record clips checkbox – checked by default, and should be checked

Navigate back to the tool bar, interact with it, find the Exceptions button, and press VO-spacebar to select this category. Stop interacting with the tool bar and navigate to the beginning of this section.

Exceptions Preferences

  • Select any applications you wish to blacklist – anything copied from a blacklisted application will not be recorded by Copy Clip
  • Table of applications – each application has an unchecked checkbox next to it. When checked, that application will be labelled as blacklisted and anything you copy within that application will not be copied to Copy Clip

There is one more button in the tool bar, the About button.

About Preferences

  • Buttons
    • FAQ
    • Fan Page
    • Twitter

Press any of the buttons if you wish to visit any of those areas, but it is not necessary for using Copy Clip.

Congratulations! You’ve gotten the application all set up and ready to use. All you need now are the directions, right?

To use Copy Clip:

  1. Copy the desired text to the clipboard.
  2. Go into Menu Extras with VO-M-M.
  3. Navigate to Copy Clip with VO-right or left arrow, and press VO-spacebar on it.
  4. Press the down arrow.

The first items listed will be the phrases you have copied to the clipboard. There will be up to the amount listed in general preferences as how many you want to show. Recall that the default was 20 cuttings. If you want to copy any one of these, arrow to it and press the Return key, which will then place that phrase onto the clipboard once again, ready to paste wherever you want it. The phrase will still be in Copy Clip until you clear the cuttings.

Speaking of clearing the cuttings, next as you arrow down you will find clear. Press the Return key when you want to clear all of the saved cuttings. When you do so, the clear dialogue will not readily appear. you must press VO-F2 twice to bring up the window chooser. Arrow down to the alert from Copy Clip, and press Return. Then VO-right arrow through the dialogue, which will give you the option to press the clear button if you want to delete all of the recorded clippings. You can press cancel to abort, or the clear button, and all of the recorded clippings will be deleted from Copy Clip.

When there are no clippings, the first thing you will encounter when you open Copy Clip in Menu Extras is, “Your clippings will appear here,” and it is dimmed.

The only other selections in Copy Clip are customer support, rate app,, and quit. Press return on any of these three choices if you want to either visit customer support, rate the app, or quit Copy Clip. Note that if you quit, this will close the Copy Clip app. When you go back into Menu Extras, and press VO-spacebar on Copy Clip, there will be nothing there. You will need to reopen the app from within the applications list.

Now, you’ll never again experience the agony of copying over text on the clipboard, because it really is an awfully dreadful feeling, no?

And for even more crisis-averting tips, tricks and tidbits, you really should consider subscribing to the Mac Master Messenger. Become a faster, smarter and more productive user of the Mac with each weekly email.

Go ahead and sign up: Drop your best email address in the box below—and we’ll take care of everything else.

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Mac Master Series Quick Tip: Fast User Account Switching In OS X Is Easy (And Perfect For All Of Your Alter Egos)

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I can think of at least a half dozen reasons why you might want to switch between user accounts on your Mac.

  • You’re a secret agent working to smuggle enemy nation’s most burning secrets across international lines.
  • You have an alter ego named Bob, who lives in Long Island with his two parakeets and works the graveyard shift at a lonely tollbooth.
  • You’re extremely OCD, and along with having an outfit for each day of the week, you also want to tailor your desktop experience, as well.

Okay, so those examples are (maybe) a tad unrealistic. But who am I to judge anyway—your business is your business, right?

If you’re switching between user accounts, there’s really one thing you care about—and that’s speed. It has to be fast. No dilly-dallying around for you.

If you’re sharing a computer with family members, or want to troubleshoot something funky you’re seeing with your primary account, running and switching between multiple user accounts has never been easier.

Today’s Tweetable: This Quick Tip on fast user switching in OS X is perfect for everyone—even your alter egos. Click to tweet (opens in a new window)

If you (and all of your alter egos) are constantly frustrated with the Mac, or just want to squeeze every penny of productivity out of your investment, I have something you’re going to want to see.

Apple has Geniuses, right? While that’s cute and all, you’re going to end up spending even more of your hard-earned pennies getting them to teach you the tips and tricks for working with OS X and VoiceOver.

Let Fedora’s Mac Masters show you the ropes with weekly tips, tricks and tidbits to make you (and all of your multiple personalities, alter egos and secret personas) masters, too. Just drop your best email in the box below, and we’ll take care of all of the details.

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