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Outlier’s with Ron Klein (Part 2)

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Ever purchased a house or know of someone that has?

If so they are more than likely using the MLS system for realtors invented by our guest who’s on for the second week in a row.

Mr. Ron Klein is an inventors inventor and he’s literally changed the world with his creations.

You would have thought he would have stopped with the invention of the credit card strip, the point of sale system, the MLS system just to name a few, but…

He didn’t stop there.

In fact he is in his 80’s and he says he is not empty yet.

To prove it he has invented something for the blind that is just as world changing and only cost $20 that everyone with a SMART phone can use.

It’s The Envision Eli app and labeling system created for the blind.

Listen to part 2 of Ron Klein’s interview and visit the Envision Eli website to learn more and to place your order.

Missed part 1? Listen first here.

Outlier’s with Ron Klein (Part 1)

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Turn your credit or debit card over…

See the strip on the back of your card?

Well you may or may not be able to see it, but you understand how a credit/debit card works.

It has a strip that the card machine reads to communicate with the point of sale system and your bank.

This weeks guest is the inventor of that strip that changed the world and the way we conduct business worldwide.

He’s invented something super cool and just as exciting for us blind people.

I’m demonstrating it on part one of this two part interview and even though it was my first time using the application and recording it at the same time I can say it’s simply a can’t live without piece in my toolkit.

Here’s part one with Ron Klein.

Outliers With Leo Laporte and Scott Rumery

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Scott surprised the heck out of me when I heard Fedora Outlier LLC on the radio for the first time in life.

Hundreds of thousands of people were introduced to the name…

The worlds best tech guy said we were on the right track…

Steve Jobs created a new lane for world changers when thinking of Voice-Over.

We take you backstage as a dream was built from this one phone call.

This one is for the history books…

{EVENT REMINDER} iOS 10, Mac OS 10.12, Watch OS 3 & their new features live tonight

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Join myself, Matt and the rest of the Fedora gang tonight at 9PM EST, 8PM CST, 6PM PST for…

a discussion of the latest updates to the Apple Watch OS, Mac OS and iOS releases on a live Access Chat.

Learn what’s new and exciting plus how the technological advancements can increase your productivity and enhance your life.

Call in using the dial in number of 712.432.0190 with the access Code of 732659.
Calling from a SMART phone? CLICK TO CALL

You can also listen via the live audio stream.

If you are on Twitter, you can follow our commentary. We’ll be using the hash tag #accesschat

It’s our goal to empower you tonight through educating you on the changes, updates and newest advancements in Apple’s born accessible technology.

Join us!

The Fedora Outlier team

Creating PDFs on iOS

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screen showing the workflow steps

I am a heavy user of the built-in print to Pdf feature on the Mac. I had to find a way to have the same functionality on iOS…And using the combination of the VoiceOver rotor and Workflow, I have my solution.

I walk you through the process in this video, so check it out, and let me know what you think.

Here are the promised links from the video:

Get Workflow on the iOS App Store

Get the PDF to Dropbox Workflow here

Get the PDF to cloud, for use with the iOS document provider

Fedora In Kentucky

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Todd E. Stephens, President of the NFB Kentucky Technology Assistance Division shares the success of the 2015 TAD Symposium, as well as upcoming plans for the 2016 event. Here is what Todd has to say…
We had another fabulous turn-out for the NFBK TAD Symposium that took place on Friday, September 25, 2015 at the Galt House in Louisville, KY. I want to take this time, once again, to express our gratitude to our awesome presenters: Barbara Penegor with Kentucky Talking Books; Danielle Burton (TAD Board member) presenting on the KNFB Reader app; Roseanne Hoffman and Larry Skutchan from American Printing House; Jim Fortman from Vision Aid Systems; Dave Wilkinson from Hims Inc.; VaShaun Jones and Damashe Thomas from Fedora Outlier, LLC; Jimmy Brown and Jerry Wheatley from Kentucky Assistive Technology Service (KATS) Network; MacArthur Darby, Chris Stewart, Danielle Burton, Cindy Sheets, and Jennifer Hall (Moderator), NFB-NEWSLINE Roundtable Panelists; and last, but not least, Tonia Boyd-Gatton, Extraordinaire Mistress of Ceremonies!
Where there is a will, there is a way!
VaShaun Jones and Damashe Thomas traveled from Atlanta Georgia on the Megabus, on their own dime arriving in Louisville about 8:30 p.m. on the eve of the TAD Symposium. On the morning of, VaShaun called me at 6:00 a.m. to ask me how he could help with the set-up. I was thoroughly impressed by this gesture of friendship, kindness and support. I’ll have you know that VaShaun and Damashe Thomas stole the show with their usual presentation of excellence on all things Apple. They presented, answered all questions and departed about 45 minutes after their presentation to catch Uber to get to their Megabus stop, which departed for Atlanta a little after 4:00 p.m. They arrived safely in Atlanta early Saturday morning. When I asked VaShaun to be a part of this symposium, he said, “you ask and I’m there.” Over the years, I’ve heard those words too many times to count, but VaShaun didn’t leave us hanging and he certainly backed it up!
VaShaun is the President of Fedora Outlier. His firm is the first nationally-recognized firm delivering consulting, teaching, and support in blindness-related assistive technology for Apple. To learn more about Fedora Outlier, VaShaun Jones, Damashe Thomas and the rest of the Fedora Outlier staff, you may find their website at Fedora Outlier
The Technology Assistance Division has gotten an early jump of exploring funding options for the 2016 TAD Symposium. We are excited about as well as hopeful that we can deliver an impactful symposium in 2016. The focus will be a bit different from those in prior years. Our content has been in training the trainer. The objectives in 2016, however, is to identify those training opportunities that are most in demand from NFBK members and others in the community that are affected by vision loss, so that we can offer break-out training sessions.

Interact: better contact management for iOS

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I recently had a chance to get an early look at the latest app from Agile Tortoise, the developer behind Drafts 4.
Screenshot of the Interact app launch screen

Interact is the latest app, and it brings contact management on iOS to a whole new level.
Gone are the days of only managing groups and editing contact data on your Mac; with Interact, you can create and edit groups, edit, delete, and create new contacts with ease from iOS.
One of the app’s most powerful features is the scratch pad. The scratch pad can detect and intelligently parse contact details and correctly sort them for quick entries. It uses natural language, much like Fantastical’s calendar entry, to recognize relevant contact fields from plain text; making it simple to select text almost anywhere and create or update contacts.
That’s right, I said almost anywhere, because Interact has its own create contact share sheet extension. Is there anyone else who thought Apple would at least add a contact extension in iOS 9?

Of course, it goes without saying, the app is fully VoiceOver compatible. So if you have ever wanted a more elegant solution for managing your contacts from iOS, then grab Interact in the App Store.
This one will certainly be a Back Stage Pass discussion, so check out the iOS Master Series to find out how you can tune in.

{EVENT INVATATION} Fedora Outlier presents: The iOS Master Series Virtual Tour

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OK, it’s 2:00PM EDT here in Georgia and as promised we are going to unveil our latest series built on our all new Fedora Outlier LLC platform and you’re invited!

The iOS Master Series now housed at is on sale now for the next 27 days.  

The price increases on February 1st 2016.

We will be giving all event attendees a free virtual tour and answering any questions you may have about the series and how it works.

The virtual tour kicks off this Friday at 7PM EDT.

You can call in or listen live using one of the methods below…

The dial in number is 712.432.0190 and the access Code is 732659.

If you are calling in from a SMART device you can click on the number below and gain immediate access…


The live stream link is

Either way you’ll discover how the power of iOS can help you in every walk of life imaginable and how our coaching and teaching will catapult your knowledge and understanding to the next level!

Join us Friday January 8th at 7PM EDT and let’s change the world together!!

Your iOS Master Series Coaches,
Damashe & Matt

Using Blab on iOS

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Blab is emerging as one of the leading social broadcast and networking tools.
What is Blab?
Michael Babcock describes it like this:
“Blab is a wonderful platform to connect with others, especially if it’s not feasible to get out of your house and network.”
Learn the basics of using Blab on your iOS device curtesy of our own Michael Babcock.

If you can’t use the player, click here to listen.
After learning how to use Blab, be sure to look Fedora Outlier up and check out our Blabs.