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She passes the ACSP test with a B

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Opportunities come to those who create them. Maryann saw her opportunity in the (ACSP) Apple Certified Support Professional course that is offered through Fedora’s Teach Institute.

She was scared initially…

She didn’t know where the road to passing the test would leave, but…

She jumped in. Took the course. Studied and…

she Passed with a B.

You are sure to hear her name in a Apple store, newsletter, blog or a course shortly.

Heck, she might even be your teacher someday.

Listen to her story and if this sounds like something you want to accomplish, feel free to reach out and we’ll make it happen together.

He’s completely blind, works on the Apple Store floor and continues to change the world

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Tamer has been working for Apple on the store floor for over two months now. I’m wondering why I’m the last person she called. LOL

She’s completely blind.

She get’s to change the world by making the store accessible for every blind person who wants to work at Apple.

She not only got her technology teaching from Fedora Outlier LLC, but we helped her to be more empowered, we encouraged her and together we banded together to change the world.

Here’s a 17 minute call we had, where she broke the news to me.

My wife asked me if I cried, friends asked if I cried and just in case you are wondering…

Yes, I cried….

I love helping the disabled find or create work that is meaningful, purposeful and profitable!!!

Listen now and let’s change the world together!

P.S. Just in case you can’t click on the text here’s the link

{EVENT REMINDER} iOS 10, Mac OS 10.12, Watch OS 3 & their new features live tonight

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Join myself, Matt and the rest of the Fedora gang tonight at 9PM EST, 8PM CST, 6PM PST for…

a discussion of the latest updates to the Apple Watch OS, Mac OS and iOS releases on a live Access Chat.

Learn what’s new and exciting plus how the technological advancements can increase your productivity and enhance your life.

Call in using the dial in number of 712.432.0190 with the access Code of 732659.
Calling from a SMART phone? CLICK TO CALL

You can also listen via the live audio stream.

If you are on Twitter, you can follow our commentary. We’ll be using the hash tag #accesschat

It’s our goal to empower you tonight through educating you on the changes, updates and newest advancements in Apple’s born accessible technology.

Join us!

The Fedora Outlier team

Lesson 0: Introduction to the Audio Performance Series

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In this series you’ll find both Mike and myself having major fun as he teaches me and ultimately you how to master both Garage band and Logic Pro as a blind person.

Listen to the introduction…

Our lessons will always consist of three components per post…

  1. We’ll have an image of the component of either Garage Band or Logic Pro that we are working on in each lesson.

This is for social and the sighted and just because we can post beautiful images as blind people.

  1. You’ll get the text of what you’ll discover in each lesson.

Because this is audio we’ll be typing as little as possible. After all it is called the Audio Performance Series for a reason, right?

  1. You’ll get the audio file of each lesson along with the following…

•Weekly quick tips

•Community Forum

•Weekly lessons

•Monthly master classes

All premium members will have access to these additional features…

•25% off all other Fedora Series and services

•Access to our Audio Performance Series Backstage Pass

•25% commission with everyone you refer to the Audio Performance Series that becomes a member with our Appointed Affiliate Program

•Two additional months free when you pay your membership in full

•1 hour of private 1 to 1 coaching each month

Get registered at and we’ll see you on the inside.

Fedora In Kentucky

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Todd E. Stephens, President of the NFB Kentucky Technology Assistance Division shares the success of the 2015 TAD Symposium, as well as upcoming plans for the 2016 event. Here is what Todd has to say…
We had another fabulous turn-out for the NFBK TAD Symposium that took place on Friday, September 25, 2015 at the Galt House in Louisville, KY. I want to take this time, once again, to express our gratitude to our awesome presenters: Barbara Penegor with Kentucky Talking Books; Danielle Burton (TAD Board member) presenting on the KNFB Reader app; Roseanne Hoffman and Larry Skutchan from American Printing House; Jim Fortman from Vision Aid Systems; Dave Wilkinson from Hims Inc.; VaShaun Jones and Damashe Thomas from Fedora Outlier, LLC; Jimmy Brown and Jerry Wheatley from Kentucky Assistive Technology Service (KATS) Network; MacArthur Darby, Chris Stewart, Danielle Burton, Cindy Sheets, and Jennifer Hall (Moderator), NFB-NEWSLINE Roundtable Panelists; and last, but not least, Tonia Boyd-Gatton, Extraordinaire Mistress of Ceremonies!
Where there is a will, there is a way!
VaShaun Jones and Damashe Thomas traveled from Atlanta Georgia on the Megabus, on their own dime arriving in Louisville about 8:30 p.m. on the eve of the TAD Symposium. On the morning of, VaShaun called me at 6:00 a.m. to ask me how he could help with the set-up. I was thoroughly impressed by this gesture of friendship, kindness and support. I’ll have you know that VaShaun and Damashe Thomas stole the show with their usual presentation of excellence on all things Apple. They presented, answered all questions and departed about 45 minutes after their presentation to catch Uber to get to their Megabus stop, which departed for Atlanta a little after 4:00 p.m. They arrived safely in Atlanta early Saturday morning. When I asked VaShaun to be a part of this symposium, he said, “you ask and I’m there.” Over the years, I’ve heard those words too many times to count, but VaShaun didn’t leave us hanging and he certainly backed it up!
VaShaun is the President of Fedora Outlier. His firm is the first nationally-recognized firm delivering consulting, teaching, and support in blindness-related assistive technology for Apple. To learn more about Fedora Outlier, VaShaun Jones, Damashe Thomas and the rest of the Fedora Outlier staff, you may find their website at Fedora Outlier
The Technology Assistance Division has gotten an early jump of exploring funding options for the 2016 TAD Symposium. We are excited about as well as hopeful that we can deliver an impactful symposium in 2016. The focus will be a bit different from those in prior years. Our content has been in training the trainer. The objectives in 2016, however, is to identify those training opportunities that are most in demand from NFBK members and others in the community that are affected by vision loss, so that we can offer break-out training sessions.

I just wanted to tell you that the ACB rocks and thank you

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Brie and Marcy have never ever been to a national convention in their life. They were scared to death to say the least.

Remember your first time at nationals? Wasn’t it scary?

Now you take it from being their first national convention with thousands of blind individuals to having to put on five sold out events.

Let’s recap…

1st time at a national convention

First time ever having to present together as a team

First time putting on five events in a short period of time

First time having to ask and answer so many questions from so
many people

First time without their husbands for so long

First time having to sell in front of so many people

First time ever being roommates

I for one am proud of them! They stepped out of their comfort zone and did multiple things for the first time in their life.

They will tell their stories on their respective blogs and keep you updated.

As always if you have any questions or comments you should click the leave a comment link below..

Marcy and Brie said they learned allot and they will be even more ready, even more better next year and they have you to thank for changing their life forever!

You guys rock!!

VaShaun Jones
Fedora Outlier LLC

You Can Hire A Guy To Personally Upload Your YouTube Videos For Less Than 1 Cent A Day

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I’m going to bring you backstage into the world headquarters of Fedora this week and tell you about a must try app called Batch Uploader for Youtube.

So the story starts with Damashe, Marcy, Scott and myself on a late night strategy conference call for the Mac Master Series.

Listen to my side of the story…we’ll get Damashe on a Backstage Pass to tell his thoughts on Batch Uploader for Youtube later.

Drop Vox: Quick & Easy Recording For Anyone!

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Drop Vox with a “V” as in VaShaun is your one stop recording utility for both the Mac and iOS.

On iOS you just install the app, configure a couple of settings and double tap on record.

On the Mac you install the app, set a default folder and press the spacebar to record. Press it again to stop recording.

Both apps for the Mac and iOS make it really simple to record one off audio files for reminders, podcast and audio notes.

On iOS I use Drop Vox for the in person live recordings of the Delivering Access Podcast.

Listen to the latest podcast episode we just posted where Marcy and her husband A.W. was interviewed live in their living room
using Drop Vox for iOS and you’ll understand why this app is a must have.

Get both accessible apps for Mac and iOS for free in the Mac and iOS app store.

Leave us a comment and let us know how you like Drop Vox for Mac and iOS for your recording needs.