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In Person event, Outlier’s live with Tamer Zaid

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Outlier’s goes live at the 2017 NFB and ACB national conventions.

Meet VaShaun Jones, Tamer Zaid and other world changers as we walk you step by step through our journey of how to find or create work that is meaningful, purposeful and profitable.

VaShaun is the Visionary of Fedora Outlier LLC and Tamer Zaid is a completely blind Product Zone Specialist for Apple Inc.

This live event will give you two perspectives on employment, life, fears, tears of joy, the struggles, mistakes to being able to give back to the people that need it most.

Our students that deserve more than what we had as a student!

100% of the ticket sales from this event goes to the EMPOWER scholarship for any full time student wanting to start their own business

(ages 14 and up)

Here’s the full list of qualifiers…

  1. You must be a full time student

  2. You must purchase a ticket to the event

  3. You must have a strong desire to create, launch and profit from your own business

and you must apprentice with Fedora Outlier LLC and it’s team.

and agree to be mentored by the United Statewide Coalitions On Employment units.

NOTE: If you purchased a ACB ticket to our first ever iPhone event we put on with Marcy and Brie, you will get in for free.

We’ll pick the winner at the end of each show.

Good luck to you..

The general admission ticket Price is $9.97.

VIP and VIP plus tickets

Start at 19.97

in limited quantities.

“Let’s change the world together!”
Fedora Outlier LLC
VaShaun Jones

Sweetwater Is Now A Vendor In Georgia

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It’s a great feeling when you work with a company that demands excellence from themselves and their clients.

Fedora has several A?V guys and girls WORKING on their creations and Sweetwater is number one in most of their books.

They allow you to make easy payments, they don’t treat you like a number, they don’t jack up the price, they don’t stop working with you when you mess up, they will go above and beyond the call of duty to serve you well, they will change your perspective on what excellent customer service looks like.

Experience the Sweetwater difference…

I personally WORK with Tomir Denton because he makes my vision come true and we understand each other.

Podcast coming soon…

Here’s his email

Remember: Think differently!

Share this if you understand the vision or you want to help write the blueprint.

“Let’s change the world together!”
Fedora Outlier LLC
VaShaun Jones

PS. Sweetwater also knows how to WORK with the blind, because we WORKED together on it for years.

Outliers with Bill Boules

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This guy here…

The things that we are talking about now…

Bill was talking about years ago.

I found out about him through Ricky Corey.

Ricky is Mr. Born Blind and Beautiful.

He’s going to be on the show later.

Back to Bill…

Really the world has changed, gatekeepers are no longer there and this guy proves it every day.

Check him out in full H D, fidelity, surround sound audio.

I just put those words together and hoped that they describe the vibe you’ll get from Bill.

If that’s not a accurate description of him. Leave us a comment and we’ll change it. .
For now dive into the interview and get empowered.

Only open this message if you want to be employed or imediately & drastically improve your quality of life!

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The time is now to win as a culture. We can literally change the world of rehabilitation as we know it today. Rehabilitation for all disabilities.

NOT JUST blind, but all.

Join Georgia as we become a state that gets it. We are going to work together as a team and win.

The new #1 Question this year for the email has been changed to…

(Sorry we meant “will be changed to”…)

“Will there be a replay?

The previous question was “Can my rehab counselor pay for me to take courses from Fedora Outlier LLC? or do I have to pay for them myself?”

OF COURSE! just ask them.

We can service anywhere we want, we can bonus greatness and fire poor performers.

We’ll explain that one at the meeting.

Yes, there will be a replay. It’s going to replay so much that you will believe it…

We will always have a replay!

That’s the new question and answer over on

Believe, achieve, succeed

That’s what was taught in my high school.

The virtual town hall meeting of the United Statewide Coalitions ON Employment will be…

Monday, May 27th at 7PM Eastern.

Here’s the number with access code. Save it to your records.

(712) 432-0190,,732659#

easier to follow @fedora_outlier on Twitter, just saying.

“Let’s change the world together!”
Fedora Outlier LLC
VaShaun Jones 

Outliers with Kisiah Timmons,MBA

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When you look up beauty, brains and business mastery in the Webster’s dictionary you get…

Kisiah Timmons,MBA

My firm was presenting at CSUN and Ms. Timmons booked a block of time to go over her business thoughts and strategy behind her master mind projects.

It was over a couple of drinks at the bar, of course…

What we walked away with was a great respect for business and a moment in time that can never be replicated.

If you want to understand your businesses growth potential then you can reach out to her directly.

This was a connection made over LinkedIn and even though she’s right here in my home state of Georgia we have never spoken until now.

She leaves her contact info at the end of this inspiring interview.

Dive in and let’s have a drink or two…

Outliers with Blessing Offor

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Musical genius, inspirational, take no shorts, revolutionary and insightful are just some of the thoughts that came to mind when I first heard this gentleman present at a conference i was attending.

I was there with some amazing friends and I told them all…

When we break I’m going to get this guys info and reach out.

Well because I’m a man of my word…

I did exactly that. I reached out and he reached back.

This is what we got so far…

A blessing offer from Mr. Blessing Offer himself.

Listen to the tunes he plays and pay close attention to the words he’s using as we create art together.

This interview was for the Culture.

Outliers with Burnie Mack

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Salute to this gentleman!

He served our country well!

Now that he’s not fighting the enemy he is creating a quality life for others.

Mr. Burnie Mack as he loves to be called is one amazing man.

I could name all the things he does well, but i think it best that you listen to his story, understand his genius and start to move in the direction of creating a life for yourself that is a joy not only for yourself, but for others around you.

You will be hearing allot from this guy in the near future as he will be taking and passing his ACSP certification and providing technology teaching to vets, just like himself.

Fedora Outlier LLC Presents: Launchers, the event

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February 19th at 5 PM EST marked a day in history for the culture of those living with blindness.

The Launchers event was born and it displayed to the world that blind people, disabled people can start their own business and be empowered.

You will hear how Amanda is taking her clients on a journey moving them from their current job to the job they love.

Mel as she gets you healthy, fit and ready for the summer with Blind Alive.

Maryann who works for several companies as a consultant and is starting her business doing what she always has done, but she’ll get paid with her business Sawdust Technologies LLC.

Nasreen who works as an executive with Project Starfish. She’ll work with you so you’ll have the tools in your toolbox needed to be successful in finding or creating work.

Michael works to create a system for you that is easy and simple for you to manage or you can pay his firm to manage it or you can take one of his free or paid courses and learn to do it yourself. Either way you can’t loose.

Then there’s Gabe. His company can teach you on anything and his 24 hour support keeps the company working hard around the clock to serve you no matter the time zone.

Every one of these fine business owners worked hard and they live their dreams.

You can too!

We also go over my 7 Irrefutable Easy Steps To Starting Your Business.

Listen to the event replay.

If you want to work we are here to help.

Be empowered!

Free Bonus: 7 Easy Steps To Starting Your Business

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I talk with business want a bees every week that are stuck in one place.

Want to know what place they are stuck in?


They call it starting a business for a reason…

It’s so you can go into business.

Most people get stuck in the starting phase and never leave.

This is only phase one…

It’s almost as if starting a business sounds better than going into business.

We’ll help you start your business… that’s the easy part.

It’s so easy we’ll show you this step by step for free Sunday, February 19th at 5PM EDT.

The “I’m starting a business” excuse is now removed.

Now you have got your Business started it’s time to go into phase two which is launching.

This is when you open your doors to the world and make something happen.

I personally call this phase going out and killing it then bringing it home.

It’s often referred to as “going into business”…

That’s the magic, but you have to make it happen.

It’s the move from being a person who is always saying they are starting a business to the person that has went into business.

On Sunday February 19th at 5PM you will here from 7 business owners that have successfully launched their platforms.

They are in multiple phases of start up ranging from just deciding what their name is going to be all the way up to having thousands of clients worldwide.

Yes, they are all blind and the great thing about that fact is if we can do it with our eyes closed…

Anyone can do it no matter the disability.

Even if you don’t have a disability we can show you how to launch your platform.

Register for the free event here…

When you register you will receive event details, the introductions from the guest speakers and all of our free giveaways including Fedora Outlier’s presentation at the end titled 7 Easy Steps To Starting Your Business.

We look forward to seeing you on the inside…

The opportunity in failure

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Pic of myself and John speaking with a group in Pennsylvania

Pic of myself and John speaking to a group of TVI's

Four years later in Harrisburg PA. myself and John speak to a group of educators and blind service providers.

See above pics

Rewind to our humble beginnings and what you’ll discover is that our first presentation all those years ago as a firm was horrible, but the opportunity we got from that epic failure was priceless…

View my video on taking the opportunities when you fail and transform them into enormous successes.

Next post…

How to label items on both the Mac and iOS

Continue to equip, encourage and empower the blind to do more,be excellent and live with greater success!