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The Time Has Come… Your Questions Answered

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Today’s video is jam packed with your MAC questions, gripes and concerns that were sent in over the past two weeks.

We also discuss how my being homeless in the past lead to me assisting you with your technology today!
So, without further ado:

Sneak peek for next Friday:

we’ll explore using the spreadsheet app on the Mac’s iWork suite of office centric apps and how to format a cell.

And remember,

You can access any of our past videos at any time by visiting the Fedora Outlier LLC YouTube channel.

Have a great weekend!

You’ve overwhelmed us

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Wow, your response to our last post has been amazing!

So much so that we decided to give you a whole additional week to keep those gripes coming!

We’ll now be posting that jam packed video on Friday, June 1st.

Your responses help both Fedora Outlier LLC and Apple provide better products and services for the blind and visually impaired community.

So please, comment below and rant to your hearts content – We want to hear it all!

And don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel

to get alerts when our videos drop and to be entered for that $100 grand prize giveaway.

Have a great weekend!

MAC Pain? We can help!

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Hello there,

I am back from Orlando and feeling better than ever and ready to tackle the next FAQ Friday!

If you recall, I asked you a few weeks ago to send in your biggest pain points when using your Mac and your responses have been flooding in!

But we want to hear more – comment below and your gripes and groans!

We’ll be discussing them and hopefully helping you find some solutions this Friday, May 25th.

And remember, you still have time to subscribe to our YouTube channel by June 26th in order to be entered into our $100 grand prize giveaway!

That’s all for today, now leave us a comment below and tell us what’s on your mind – we’re ready to listen!

It’s another beautiful Wednesday here at Fedora Outlier LLC headquarters and we are excited about so many things!

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It’s another beautiful Wednesday here at Fedora Outlier LLC headquarters and we are excited about so many things!

Let’s just jump right in, shall we?


This week we’ll be wrapping up our “ALL ACCESS” series with a 3rd and final segment you are sure to love.

We’ll be discussing what we like to call the “menu maximizer”.

Essentially, we want to show you how to get the most out of your menu options.

Tune in Friday live on Facebook


after the show on YouTube

to learn how to master the menu!


Next weeks segment will be a very special one that we hope will inspire you to shoot for the stars!

We won’t give away what the topic is quite yet, but we think you’re going to love it!


Don’t forget, our sweepstakes for you to win ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS is still going!

All you have to do is go to our YouTube channel at and click “subscribe” by June 26th – it’s that easy!

Then you’ll be entered to win the grand prize drawing during the 4th week of June. We can’t think of a reason NOT to do it – Can you?

If you win, what fun and frivolous item or activity would you spend it on?

Leave a comment below and let us know!

We’re excited that we’ve already received a ton of your responses and we’ll be reading through them in the upcoming videos over the next month.


You can email us at your questions, concerns, gripes or topics you’d like to see discussed any time.

We love to hear from you!

That’s all for now, see you Friday!

“Let’s change the world together!”
Kristi Flynn
Fedora Outlier LLC

Hotspots, presentation notes & a $100 prize – Oh My

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Can you believe it’s already May? 2018 is flying by, but the fun at Fedora Outlier is just getting started! We’ve got a lot to cover this week, so let’s jump right in.

First things first, we have a HUGE and exciting announcement to make! We are now on YouTube and we want you to join us there! As an incentive to get you on board, we want to give you ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS in cold, hard cash! Who among us couldn’t use that, right? Click the link below and SUBSCRIBE to our Fedora Outlier LLC YouTube channel in order to be eligible to win the drawing during the 4th week of June!

Make sure to also select the option to receive an alert every time we upload a new video! And remember to subscribe by June 25th in order to be eligible for that $100 prize.
This weeks FAQ Friday we’ll be discussing what exactly a “hotspot” is, and when and why to use it. We’ll also be walking you through how to create notes in a keynote presentation. Look out for our live video alert on YouTube Friday morning if you click that “subscribe” button and we’ll also send out an email reminder for those of you who need a little extra nudge!
If you haven’t checked it out yet, make sure you’re caught up on our “ALL ACCESS” series as Part 2 is dropping this Friday. Click the link below to view “Part 1: Voice Over Labels”.

That’s all for now! We know it’s a lot so we’ll keep you updated and reminded a long the way, don’t worry!
Let’s wrap things up on a fun note: Comment below to let us know what would you do with one hundred dollars if you win?!

Outlier’s With Sara Ellen Waggle

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Here she is ladies and gentleman…

I’m thinking that her skills in her chosen art qualifies her as an official butt kicker both on and off the mat.

She works out and takes no stuff.

She had a VR case and chose to go in a much different and unusual way and has found herself on the other side of happiness.

Never taking “NO” for a answer and not giving up puts her in a class all by herself.

I’m super excited to bring you one of my favorite interviews with someone that is amazing in my eyes.

Remember, I’m blind so you’ll just have to either take my word for it and don’t listen to the session or…

you can jump right in and take a gander.

“Gander” is a old word, I know but I like it so there…

Outliers with Reginald Ford

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A man after my own hat… I mean heart. LOL

A young up and coming leader on his path to greatness is what you are going to gleam from this interview.

He’s now the newly elected president of the Southside chapter of the National Federation of the Blind of Georgia Inc and is getting his assistive technology certification at World Services for the Blind.

He has an impressive collection of fedoras just like me and will be teaching assistive technology as well.

Remind you of someone?

I’m super impressed with him and it was a joy to get on his calendar for this interview.

Take a listen and tell me if you see greatness as i do.

Outlier’s with Walter Mitchell

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Walt is a great interview…

He was so great I interviewed him twice. Well, the reason was really because I lost the first recording.

I found out that he plays the guitar and is super into family and making things happen.

What do I mean when I say making things happen you ask?

That’s all in the interview. Let’s take a journey through Walter’s life to date and see what things he has been up to and what’s next for him…

Outlier’s with Torrey Wilson

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The doctors say he has Aspergers, plus he’s blind and yet he can’t be stopped when it comes to his dream…

Torrey wants to be on the radio and we are going to make that happen for sure.

When you have wanted something from a little boy till now you will not stop until you get it.

Being on the radio, producing a show then broadcasting live is 100% accessible and obtainable in 2018 for the blind.

Don’t believe me?

Follow Torrey on his life’s journey as we make it happen in his one of a kind world changing interview!