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Helping A Voice-Over Friendly Developer

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This is a guest post by John D. Panarese over at Mac For The Blind. He is a
friend and a fellow Mac trainer. Check out his work over at

I have neglected in writing about this, as I have gotten caught up in other distractions. However, I’d like to follow up on an item about a developer named, Marco Arment, Maccessibility posted about and who we talked about on the podcast a few weeks ago. The Maccessibility story is

and I recommend you read it.

It is a great thing when you have a mainstream developer talk about VoiceOver on one of his podcasts and to take other developers to task for not making their applications accessible for iOS devices. The episode of the podcast I am speaking of can be found
by going here.

In addition, Marco also released a magazine app as well. I believe in supporting those who do the right things for us, and I would recommend checking it out.
is the link for the magazine.

Please show Marco our support and let us know in the comment section below if you know any other developers advocating for accessibility in their apps.

John D. Panarese


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