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Insertion Point At Start Or End

Posted in iOS

When you are typing text you’ll have an insertion point. Now weather or not its at the beginning or end of a edit field is the question. The insertion point is where the cursor is. It visually is flashing waiting for your next key press, but sometimes on iOS I have to switch from one app to another and this often leaves me coming back to an app and not knowing where the cursor is. In this Quick Tip I’ll show you how to quickly find out where your insertion point is, so you can make as few errors as possible.

On iOS using the tap gestures you can single finger double tap within a edit field and Voice-Over will say either “insertion point at start or insertion point at end. Either way you’ll know where you are in your block of text.

The other way of accomplishing this using a Voice-Over enabled keyboard is to make sure Quick Nav is turned off by pressing the left and right arrow keys at the same time. You should hear ”
Quick Nav Off” and by pressing the Control Key and the up or down arrow key at the same time you’ll essentially accomplish the same thing.

Note: In order for this tip to work you must have text already in the edit field.

I hope that this little tip helps you. If you have a tip of your own please feel free to share it in the comments section below.