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Is Smart Phone Use Changing Faster Than The Speed Of Light?

Posted in Apple Inc

Over the last twelve years, since I started learning about Technology, the use of smart Phones has grown so fast that it is hard to keep up. I transitioned from only using my home phone to using a cell phone just seven years ago. Now I use an iPhone that substantially lessens the need for so many other blind devices.

Either I am aging really, really fast or the smart phone technology is growing faster than the speed of light. I am already beginning to wonder where it can possibly go from here.

It seems like just yesterday that I was using a cell phone to make and receive calls. That’s all I did with it. The software to make it speak was $200 plus I had to buy the phone. The next jump came just four years ago when I started texting with a smart phone. The software for that phone was $90 and yes, I still had to pay for the phone. Two years ago I got my first iPhone and only paid $49 for it and the software was already built in Can you imagine my joy that I didn’t have to spend a bundle extra?

This phone does every thing but tie my shoes! That is an exaggeration, but not too much. I do everything on this phone from keeping up with my appointments with VOCal, to making list of what to pick up at the grocery store. With my List Recorder app. I text my kids, because they will respond to a text rather than a lengthy, time consuming phone call from their mother. I do all of my financial transactions from my Bank of America app. When I go to meetings, I have really lightened my load. Now I only need one device to record the meeting or take notes.

Have you been bitten by the smart phone technology bug yet? If so, how have the smart phones made your life easier? If not, what are you waiting for? Please leave your comments below.