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Lesson 0: Introduction to the Audio Performance Series

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In this series you’ll find both Mike and myself having major fun as he teaches me and ultimately you how to master both Garage band and Logic Pro as a blind person.

Listen to the introduction…

Our lessons will always consist of three components per post…

  1. We’ll have an image of the component of either Garage Band or Logic Pro that we are working on in each lesson.

This is for social and the sighted and just because we can post beautiful images as blind people.

  1. You’ll get the text of what you’ll discover in each lesson.

Because this is audio we’ll be typing as little as possible. After all it is called the Audio Performance Series for a reason, right?

  1. You’ll get the audio file of each lesson along with the following…

•Weekly quick tips

•Community Forum

•Weekly lessons

•Monthly master classes

All premium members will have access to these additional features…

•25% off all other Fedora Series and services

•Access to our Audio Performance Series Backstage Pass

•25% commission with everyone you refer to the Audio Performance Series that becomes a member with our Appointed Affiliate Program

•Two additional months free when you pay your membership in full

•1 hour of private 1 to 1 coaching each month

Get registered at and we’ll see you on the inside.