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Outliers With Gwen Hollie Part One

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Her husbands words and mentorship changed my life, increased my income 100% and made my marriage better than excellent.

He told me I should be working with Federal contracts, so I immediately went to work on my mentors advice.

He told me to love on my wife everyday and so I do even though she tells me to leave her feet alone. (I love her feet)

He told me how to get what I wanted from the government and the people who work for me.

We now have two federal contracts, more on the way and 34 team members. (I don’t always get what I want, but I know how)

Bill turned his business into a million dollar business and…

Fedora Outlier LLC echoes his progression to grow and go even further.

He told me so, so much in the years we knew each other that all I can do now is sit and remember, try to reflect then take his words and turn them into action.

RIP Bill!

Here to give the interview I never had the chance to do is Bill’s lovely widow Gwen Holley.

This interview comes in two parts.

Gwen is giving you a snip it into Bill’s life and it’s our hope that you understand that one person can change the world.

Listen up, learn and then level up your game and life from this two part interview.