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Press Release: Fedora Outlier LLC Launches The Old Hat Guide to iPhone Accessibility

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April 16, 2013

“The Old Hat Guide to iPhone Accessibility” chronicles the most common challenges a new user faces when picking up Apple’s revolutionary, accessible technologies for the very first time. But as our guide will demonstrate–once conquered, blind and low vision users will unlock a limitless number of possibilities on the job, in the classroom and at play.

Whether your an Apple enthusiast, or still waiting to get your feet wet, “The Old Hat Guide to iPhone Accessibility” will take your knowledge of iOS to the next level. The book features a fully accessible multimedia experience created with the blind in mind, and we’ll walk you through each of the 12 simple steps that take you from ground zero to an iOS superstar.

Follow one of Fedora Outlier LLC’s team member’s Bronwyn, Brie to her friends) Rumery’s true account of her fear and trepidation of learning how to use Apple’s accessible iPhone, her daily frustrations with performing simple iPhone tasks and how an inanimate object would at times, bring her to tears.

You will enjoy her wit, humor and flamboyant sarcasm as she discovers how to conquer her Apple iOS device that her husband gave her as a Christmas present, how she refused to learn how to use her new gadget and finally how she overcame her technological fear and now doesn’t go anywhere without her trusty iPhone.

Brie decided that she needed to share her new found knowledge with others and determined that a book needed to be written, but not just an ordinary, step-by-step manual. This book needed to be simple, straight to the point and be accessible to the blind and visually impaired along with their sighted peers.

With the help of her husband Scott and two of her Fedora Outlier, LLC colleagues, Teresa Brenner and Marcy Weinberg, a collaboration was formed and the Old Hat Guide to iPhone Accessibility was written.

You’ll follow Brie’s journey into the realm of iOS accessibility from start to end in just 12 Baby Steps. Whether you are a beginner or a experienced at using an iPhone, you will definitely want to read this book and recommend it to others as a unique and entertaining resource.

How to Get Your Copy

Due to Apples’ limitations on how multimedia iBooks must be rendered and sold through their platform, we are only able to give you the full experience today if you are using an iPad 2 or newer. If you have a device which meets this requirement, you can get your copy of the book immediately by going to The Old Hat Guide to iPhone Accessibility !

The book costs only $9.99, but the freedom and fun you’ll find as a result is most certainly priceless

For those of you who preordered and only have an iPhone, iPod Touch, first-generation iPad or iPad Mini, you will be able to take advantage of the full experience through a special online resource we’re developing, which is scheduled to launch in early May. 

If by chance you do not have an iPad 2 or newer, and you’re eager to get the book today, we have available a fully accessible version of the book in PDF format that’s easily viewed on the alternate devices listed above–or on any other mobile device or desktop computer. 

Ultimately, it’s our goal that all readers receive the full multimedia experience.

VaShaun Jones
Fedora Outlier LLC