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RELEASE: Master iOS with New, Web Version of The Old Hat Guide to iPhone Accessibility

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ATLANTA, Georgia (June 3) — Nearly two months after the release of the firm’s first book release to Apple’s iBooks Store, Fedora Outlier, LLC, a nationally-recognized provider of consulting, teaching and support for Apple’s accessible technologies, is set to launch a web-based version of “The Old Hat Guide to iPhone Accessibility” on June 4 at 8:00 A.M.. Access to the web-based version, found at, is available for $9.99, and those who have previously purchased the iBooks or PDF versions of the book may request complimentary access.

Readers will find the same content present in the downloadable versions of the book, including multimedia features such as audio and video demonstrations, but the content is not restricted to an Apple device, such as limitations found in formats released in April.

“We wanted people to have access from whatever platform they desired,” said Scott Rumery, a senior partner with the firm. “Whether they’re running Windows, a Nokia cell phone or the iPhone, the web version of our book will work flawlessly.”

The web-based version of the book is constructed much like a standard website, with headings, in-page links and other navigation elements, while still retaining features, like a table of contents, found in a book.

“We did our best to make the experience seamless for readers,” said Geof Collis, the firm’s webmaster and IT director. “We’ve cross-tested the content across browsers, too, which means an accessible experience no matter how you view the book.”

During registration for the web-based book site, readers can select a username and password to be used to access the book. Checkout is handled through PayPal, where readers can use an existing account or pay with any major credit card.

The release of the web-based “The Old Hat Guide to iPhone Accessibility” marks a more web-centric approach to premium content for the technology firm. Fedora’s president, VaShaun Jones, says “expect several web-based instructional experiences to come from our firm over the next few months.”

“Our goal is to deliver content that can reach and teach as many individuals as possible,” said Jones. “Hosting the content on our website gives us complete control of the experience, which allows us to tailor the accessibility of our content.”

For more information about the book, gaining access to the content or about Fedora Outlier, contact Justin Romack at (817) 727-8542, or via email at