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Start With The End In Mind

Posted in Apple Inc

Earlier this week I received a call from a person who was attending a seminar for their professional growth. They stated that a person was on the panel and the person was the wrong one to present on the subject of Apple technology for the blind by the blind. Because this person was close to me they were outraged that it was them speaking on this subject and not our firm. I began to get angry as well until I thought of some reasons that would give us more notoriety and take us to the next level.

One of the things that I came up with is that the group that was at the seminar has been in the business allot longer than we have, so time would help change this and turn it around for us.

Next I thought about the unique selling proposition we have over our competitors and once the market realizes it then we will be in a better position to invoke change.

I also began to think of how we have the advantage in the market place because of getting the right people on the bus and growing our leadership. Its a slow process but worth it in the end.

We have always started with the end in mind and our core focus has always stayed in tact. As we grow our notoriety will grow and quality will rise to the top. We look at where we want to be in the next five years and only do those things that will get us there. We can’t be anyone else. We can only be us.

I say this outside of our normal iOS related post dealing with technology to say

“there will always be people that are better than you, on stage doing what you want to be doing, but if you do what they have done you will eventually get there and surpass them”. This has been a lesson to us because even though we were not the ones on stage this time, by remembering our mission statement we know we will be there in the future.

In the comments tell us what things you are focused on that will invoke change in the future.