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The Dots Will Lead You….Will You Follow?

Posted in Apple Inc

Challenging yourself is hard. No matter the obstacle you have to stretch in order to grow. This can mean trying new things, getting up earlier, taking a new route to work, meeting new people or reading a book on being a better you. My current challenge is mastering braille and my braille device. I’m stating publicly that by this time next year I will follow-up on this post and write you with an update. Its sort of my braille challenge contest with myself. Now I have thousands of people who will read this and hold me accountable.

My device is a small and very portable Focus 14 Blue by Freedom Scientific. This is my challenge and maybe you can help me with it. I’m the type that once my interest is peaked I have to find out everything about the thing I’m interested in. In this case its mastering braille!

There is allot to mastering braille outside of grade 1 or grade 2 that we’ll be talking about in future post. This is a stretch for me but its a welcomed one because it mill make me better at my job and our firm more marketable. What I know is grade 1 braille and grade 2 to a high extent, but what I don’t know is anything outside of that. Before its all over I will know allot about allot.

In order for me to grow then I have to do something I’ve never done to get something I’ve never had. In the comments tell us how we can follow the dots together or what you think about braille.