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The past few years have shown that diverse workplaces that embrace accessibility can help alleviate labor shortages. Remote work has indeed made the job market more accessible for disabled individuals, providing them with more opportunities and lessening some barriers they previously faced. This also presents employers with a wider pool of potential employees.

Moreover, hiring disabled individuals doesn’t just address the labor shortage. It also brings in diverse perspectives and problem-solving approaches which can boost innovation and productivity. Features like closed captioning, flexible hours, and the use of personal assistive technology not only facilitate better work conditions for disabled individuals but also often enhance the overall working environment, potentially improving employee retention and engagement.

Given these advantages, it’s quite likely that the trend of increased remote work and the consequent rise in employment among disabled individuals will continue, contributing positively to the economy.

This is why the work we do here at Fedora Outlier LLC in partnership with Vocational Rehabilitation agencies all over the United States is so important. We strive to equip disabled individuals with the skills and tools to not only pursue a career in technology, but to also thrive in it.

By selecting candidates who have shown an interest in pursuing employment, we’re not only providing them with new skills but also the opportunity to participate in fast growing fields that’s driving job growth and shaping the future.

The pandemic has, in some ways, leveled the playing field. Companies have discovered they can not only operate but flourish with remote teams. This, in turn, has opened up possibilities for more flexible work arrangements and better accommodations for employees with disabilities.

Fedora Outlier LLC offers a number of different technology specific courses, one on one training sessions and developmental planning options to assist vocational rehabilitation centers across the globe with placing disabled individuals in top paying jobs that they can excel in.

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