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Using The Rotor On Your iOS Device

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The Rotor on iOS gives us the ability to perform specific functions in different areas. You can use the Rotor to edit text, maneuver through a website, or find edit fields just to name a few. To access the Rotor you simply use a twisting motion with two fingers (whichever two fingers work for you), as though you were twisting a Volume knob or tightening or loosening a screw with your fingers.

The options that appear in the Rotor are chosen by you, and are found in Settings. When you open Settings, go to General, then Accessibility and finally VoiceOver. The setting titled Rotor will come just after the Braille Settings. You can go through the list of suggested Rotor items and select the ones you want by double tapping with one finger when you hear the name of your choice. If you hear the word selected next to any element you want in the Rotor, move on to the next one, for if you double tap, you will unselect it as each is a toggle between the two choices.

After you select the item, as you continue to right flick down, you will hear :Reorder followed by the name of the item you just passed. If you want to change the order of the items in the list of choices, you simply double tap with one finger and hold then drag to the position of your choice. You will hear where the item is, which item it it is above, for example. Continue through the list until you have made all the choices you desire.

NOTE: If you find items that you want to add later, you can go in an change these choices whenever you feel the need. Your choices are not set in stone and can be changed as you become more familiar with
your phone and find more uses with which the Rotor elements will be helpful.

Exit Settings, and now let’s try out what we have chosen, and learned to do with the Rotor.
1. Access the Rotor by using the two finger twisting method of choice.

2. Continue to twist through the options on the Rotor. If you for example, have opened Safari, you might choose “Headings”. This will allow you to flick down with one finger through the headings on the page.

Let’s go to an edit field, like an eMail or a text message. Now to check spelling of a word you have used in the text:
1. Select “words”. Then double tap until you hear that you are in the beginning of the edit field.

2. Flick down with one finger to find the word in question.

3. Next, you will twist the Rotor to characters, and flick up or down to the one you need to omit or change.

4. Once you have found the error, you can correct it and move on.

On the iPad, there is an element in the Rotor called Containers. With the Rotor set to it, you can flick up or down between the main sections of the screen. For example, while in Settings, focused on the Settings heading, the first flick down will land the cursor on Airplane mode. The second flick down will land you on the right side of the screen, at the top of whatever setting you have selected on the left side, such as General or iCloud. In Mail, while in an eMail, you can flick up or down and get quickly to the message, and the Back button to take you back into the list of eMails of the Mailbox you are currently in. It is quite a powerful element, one that I use all of the time, in many places on my iPad.

These are just a few of the things to do with the Rotor. Now practice, practice, practice. I guarantee you will find the Rotor to be an invaluable tool, and will be using it whenever you are on any of your iOS devices.

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