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Wednesday Roundup For August 21, 2013

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Welcome to the Wednesday round up for August 21, 2013 brought to you by Fedora Outlier,LLC. The stories today are about technology, science, robots, and personal triumph over adversity. Grab that cup of coffee or beverage of choice, and sink into that comfy chair and read on…

Hey you techie guys and gals out there, have you ever thought of designing an accessible app for people with disabilities? Well there’s an opportunity coming up for you to do just that. Okay there definitely needs to be more attention to making apps accessible when developers actually create them.

This article blows my mind. I have said over and over again, that technology is moving faster than the speed of light. Now scientists and doctors are testing mobile appss that can diagnose and detect environmental factors in the diagnosis. This is an amazing use of technology that can totally change how we are tested for eye diseases. The fact that the information can be sent back to the patient as soon as it is available is , I believe, opening up a new world of patient / doctor communication. Wow, what is next

a Vancouver school for Piano Technology has a unique method of displaying pianos as art. At an event they are planning in the near future, several pianos will be placed at spots around the city in special places. They re even having special performances at each location.

what? A robot with no eyes? Oh, a robot with whiskers that can identify obstacles and send the information and report it back to a computer. I can imagine some uses for this type of robot. Would it be useful to send in a haardous situation to gather information about what is inside? Who knows, robots seem to be popping up everywhere. I just need one of those like the robot from the Jetson’s that could do a little housework!

The last story is an inspiring story of someone caring for someone less fortunate than himself. He chose to focus on someone else’s hardships and found that caring is important and will make you appreciate what is good in your life. It is so easy for those of us to fall into that old trap offeeling sorry for ourself, but when you reach out to someone else with a little human compassion, somehow it makes life a little better.

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