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Mission Statement

Fedora Outlier LLC exists because we believe in equipping, encouraging and empowering the blind to do more, be excellent and live with greater success!

We teach (NOT TRAIN) on Apples’ born accessible products worldwide either remotely, online, in-person or in group settings.

Yes, we teach on Windows as well! After all, it runs perfectly on a Mac either through a dual boot or a virtual machine.

We are a fully competitive, integrated multi-national employer headquartered anywhere there is a internet connection, ready to serve you as soon as you take the step to reach out.

The team at Fedora Outlier strongly believe that employment for the blind and disabled that is meaningful, purposeful and profitable can be a reality for ANYONE who is determined, hard working and has the proper teaching!

Our products and services are created for those who desire to master their devices and achieve financial freedom and the independence that comes with it! Our industry-first, assistive technology teaching method has transformed thousands of lives internationally.

Fedora Outlier LLC works with the veterans administration, department of education, vocational rehabilitation and private clients worldwide. Working together, we can create a catered teaching solution that fits the employment and quality of life needs of any client we take on.

We look forward to serving you!

To learn more about the firm, its team members and our vision; Click the contact us link above and ask away! We are here to answer any of your questions or concerns.

Our Services

All the series and certifications you’ve come to know and love from Fedora Outlier LLC are now available on one convenient and easy to use site!


Here you will find everything you ever needed to learn about your apple related products with a selection of series to fit every need.

Series We offer:

-The Mac Master Series
-iOS Master Series
-Audio Performance Series
-Video Performance Series
-Work Altitude Series
-Apple Certified Support Professional
-Teach the Teachers
-Train the Trainers
-Platform Launch Blueprint

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